Forget Mozart's dad, this guy grew up in Victor Uwaifo's band, learning beats before he could tie his shoelaces. Andre Vibez, born with music in his veins and rhythm in his bones, didn't just inherit talent, he cultivated. This Benin City boy wasn't just playing keyboard, he was soaking up the secrets of the groove, like osmosis with a subwoofer.

Fast forward to 2005, From "Selensele" in 2012 to the chart-topping "Feeling" in 2021, his beats became the backbone of Afrobeats anthems.

And then came "Calm Down." Remember that global smash that sent Rema viral and had Selena Gomez begging for a remix? Yeah, that was Andre.

In 2022, he joined the star-studded roster of Mavin Records, the Afrobeats powerhouse led by the legendary Don Jazzy. And the hits just kept coming. From producing the Mavin All-Stars banger "Won Da Mo" to blessing us with the "Calm Down Remix" featuring Selena Gomez, Andre's proving he's not a one-hit wonder.

So remember the name, Andre Vibez. Because if you hear an Afrobeats track that makes you want to dance like nobody's watching, there's a good chance it's this Benin-city, Mavin-signed, hit-making mastermind pulling the strings.

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