Win Money

NAS Music Trivia

Dreaming of millions? Why not hit the jackpot with your music knowledge!

Text NASW to 13013 from an MTN line and every correct answer brings you closer to N5,000 daily, N25,000 at the end of the week or become a millionaire at the end of month!

SMS costs N100 only. But if you're short on airtime, try the N50 play by sending NASD to 13013 and still stand a chance of being one of 20 who will win N5000 daily!

Start texting now because your knowledge of Naija beats could just be what you need to win some cool cash today!

Family Feud Mobile Game

Your daily dose of laughter could also be your ticket to millions!

Text DFF to 205 from an MTN line and be one of the 30 lucky winners to win N5,000 daily and N1,000,000 quarterly by answering simple survey questions.

SMS costs N100 only. Start texting and transform family fun into a cash spree!

Next Afrobeats Star is a music reality TV show set to redefine the landscape of the global music industry with its groundbreaking approach to discovering and nurturing talent.

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